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Most Frequently Asked Questions.

We’ll do our best to answer the most common questions when it comes to the design, ordering, shipping, and measuring of our products.

When will I get my order?
Most of our products are made to order. Sometimes it’s your lucky day and we have it in stock and can get it out in a day or two. Most times, just like at the big game, you need to get in line.

We normally get product out in about a week, but we always tell people 2-3 weeks. Plan accordingly, but you may get lucky.

In the run-up to Graduation through Father’s Day and then October through Christmas, please order 3-4 weeks early if possible. If you have a timeline you’re working against, our team is always available to tell you what the current lead time on a product is. Just send us a message through our Contact Us page.

Also, if you absolutely need something fast, this is the good ol’ USA, so we can normally figure out a rush charge if you really need to skip the line. That doesn’t apply to Christmas and Father’s Day, but outside of those times we can normally figure something out for you.
What is your shipping policy?
We try to be clear on how we’re shipping and who’s paying for it. Generally speaking, shipping is a flat 15 bucks if your order is under $100 and free if it’s over $100.

If the product is under 150 pounds, it’ll generally go UPS. If it’s over that, it generally goes on an LTL carrier. Which LTL carrier will vary based on what part of the country it's going, whether or not it’s going to a business or residence, and whether a liftgate is required.

If you need something urgently, it’s best to call or email before placing your order so we can get a quote on expedited delivery.
How do I measure my grill grates?
What’s the difference between carbon and stainless grates?
You can see some of the seasoning process of each and what they look like after they’ve been used for a while in the video directly below. The short answer is both stainless and carbon will offer similar thermal mass properties in this particular case.

Carbon transfers heat better, but for the purposes of grilling products, they’ll function about the same. Stainless, however, will be far more maintenance-free.

Carbon grills require a healthy seasoning to stave off surface rust, which constant use will provide. However, if you don’t use it regularly, it will get some surface rust that will erode the seasoning. This can be scraped off and reseasoned, but that’s time away from cooking delicious food! Stainless won’t face that problem.
How do the grates season and what do they look like as they get broken in?
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